In this course enrollees will be introduced to an in-depth approach to the physical examination of utilizing a comprehensive baseline examination augmented by tests and measures with the highest diagnostic utility. Special emphasis on applying treatment principles and techniques consistent with the evidence for benefit and best clinical practice is also covered.

This course allows the enrollee the opportunity to develop and pursue an area of professional interest among the eight specialties integrating the essential elements of evidence based practice.  The course work will culminate in a case study or evidence based article which is suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal.  The student may choose to waive this directed study to participate in one of the elective DPT  course offering at College of Physiotherapy approved by her/his advisor.

This course covers a mentored advanced clinical application with a focus on individual area of interest declared by the enrollee at the beginning of the degree.  Will culminate in a project to disseminate or provide evidence of advanced clinical or skills required. Focus is on one of the areas offered at the College of Physiotherapy, Cairo University. Also, This course covers advanced topics and techniques unique to the area of interest declared by enrollee of the program. Emphasis is on the rationale, selection and application of chosen approaches in managing distinct populations. Enrollees will be required to demonstrate effective understanding of the rational for technique selection. Additionally, demonstration of advanced proficiency in the application of these techniques is required as enrollees participate in practical exams. Case studies require students to examine the literature ad use critical thinking skills so as to provide the evidence based rational for the treatment prescription as well as implementation.  Enrollees must then progress and modify treatment according to patient status.